Toilets take a lot of abuse. From constant flushing, excessive use, getting clogged or rodded can cause gradual wear over time. Whether you are looking for a new toilet installation, replacement or repair, Bella Plumbing can help.  For immediate assistance with your plumbing, call Bella Plumbing at (847) 471-0723

As toilets get used on a daily basis, normal wear and tear or other toilet problems are bound to happen.  Furthermore, there are many contributors that can lead to toilet wear, a clogged toilet or even over flow.  Luckily for you, Done-Rite Plumbing is just a phone call away.

Toilet Installation

Done-Right Plumbing can help you with all of your toilet needs.  If you are in need of a new toilet, we stock some of the best quality and efficient toilets.  You can rest assured knowing your toilet was properly installed and will last you a long time when you count on us for your toilet installs.

We provide a variety of toilets in all shapes, sizes and colors and even offer toilets for those with physical limitations to make it easier to enter and exit.  Our technicians can help you select the right toilet for your needs and to match your bathroom or even give your bathroom a new look.

Toilet Repairs

Bella Plumbing can help with all of your toilet repair needs. Our technicians have serviced thousands of toilets over the years and frankly, we’ve seen them all.  Here are some of the common toilet problems:

  • Weak Flusher – Many  toilets manufactured between 1994-1997, are reported to have issues with weak flushing.  Many toilets made prior to 1994, may suffer from hard water deposits in the syphon jet hole
  • Partial Flushes – We get hundreds of calls from people whose toilets provide weak or partial flushes.  This results from a faulty flapper valve that may be loaded with water and dropping too fast.  Replacing the flapper can often solve this issue.
  • Various Water Levels – Toilet levels may change over time and if your water level is high or known to disappear from your toilet over a period of time, it may replacement of the interior colon  Additionally water levels adjusted to proper levels shall provide an adequate flush.
  • Ghost Filling – A faulty flapper or flapper not sealing properly may cause toilets water levels to drop periodically causing water to turn on repeatedly.
  • Clogged or Overflowing Toilet – Many objects get flushed down the toilet on a daily basis and can cause the toilet’s drain to  become clogged  and even overflow. Different objects may require different treatments to resolve the issue.
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